Hiya folk! Im Emily and I'm an Nintendo 3DS player

My Dream adress is in Animal Crossing is:
But hmm how would I describe myself? Well I would say that I am ...a completely normal person.
Except that I'm a girl, I like books and TV and Youtube videos. I hate corruption. I love sports but I also can't stand it. I love men and women, some men or women more than others. (^_^)
I also love My little Pony. (^_~)
Oh but I think I love laughter the most in the whole world. \(^_^)/
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So I had this thought back around Joh’s birthday but I was in the middle of a month-long panic trying to get packed and ready to move, but I figure late is better than never.

Happy super belated birthday Joh, here’s something for your adorable Twin Stark family! Steve and Tony have the weekend off and JARVIS helps them discover some things about their children.